Forwarders Debt Recovery Services

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS) is dedicated to assisting all in the forwarder/freight community in collecting their just dues.

We have recovered hundreds of outstanding debts and hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for our clients. Let us see if we can help you

  • We collect outstanding debts within the forwarder/freight community

  • We also maintain the most comprehensive and industry standard warning list of Delinquent Debtors which is highlighted in our monthly newsletter to more than 110,000 forwarder/freight community members and all major forwarder network associations

Please click the Delinquent Debtors button at the left of this page for the most up to date warning list information. Note - This list is updated twice weekly

In addition to our Delinquent Debtors warning list we also produce a Critical Warning List. Those companies listed consistently default on payment to others or have made repeated promises of payment reconciliation only to fail to honour their promises. Please click on the Critical Warning List button above. Note - This list is updated at the end of each month and currently has more than 200 companies listed

Debt Recovery - No collection/No fee : If we do not collect, you do not pay

Our collection fee is 17.5% of any actual collected monies whether in full or in part.

We offer reduced fees for members of our Associated Networks - See below

  • Once the debt is assigned to FDRS we initiate immediate contact and follow up and report regularly about our efforts

  • We can engage a worldwide network of collection attorneys for pre-court legal action. Note - Additional fees apply

  • For full details about our debt recovery process, please click the Debt Recovery button above

Associated Networks - We work with more than 70 associated forwarder/freight networks to offer a reduced fee structure for their members. Please click here or the Associated Networks button above to see our participating networks

Newsletter - To subscribe to our free monthly newsletter, download our most up to date newsletter and critical warning list, or to see our list of newsletter sponsors - Please click the Newsletter button above

Testimonials - See what our clients say about FDRS - Please click here

Forwarder Mail Direct - A new initiative from FDRS. We provide a bespoke introductory marketing campaign for your company which is then sent to over 110,000 members of the forwarder/freight community. For full detail, please click here


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